Streets of Lisbon

In 2013 I became a father. Between jobs and diapers I started hitting the streets of Lisbon with an old film camera. During this period of my life I was working from home and taking care of the baby full time. I started hitting the streets just for the sake of sanity. At home I was all for the streets I was none for all. I guess some people go to the gym, for a run, or a drink…I chose the street.

When I go out to shoot I don’t follow a specific narrative. I walk around town, I talk to people, I stop for a coffee, a snack, the occasional cigarette and I document life on the street. 

My street work is done on a camera. Film or digital. I use both. But I like the look, the feel and the process of film. So I tend to gravitate towards the latter every once in a while.

By the end of the day, street photography is about experiencing and interacting with the world that surrounds us. It is about putting oneself were the action is taking place. It is looking beyond the obvious. I’m an introvert by nature and street photography has made me appreciate life in a more lively way by forcing me to take part in whatever street scene is happening around me. This body of work reflects just that. Me, reacting to whatever is unfolding in front of my camera.