In 2013 I became a father. Between jobs and diapers I started hitting the streets of Lisbon with an old film camera. During this period of my life I was working from home and taking care of the baby full time. I started hitting the streets just for the sake of sanity. At home I was all for the streets I was none for all. I guess some people go to the gym, for a run, or a drink…I chose the street.

I started hitting the streets not following a specific narrative. I walked around town, I talked to people, I stoped for a coffee, a snack, the occasional cigarette and I documented life on the street. 

Gradually I noticed changes. Lisbon had become attractive, trendy, a lure to visitors from the four corners of the world seeking for a safe, picturesque and authentic experience. Advertised as one of the top travel destinations in the last three consecutive years, the once quite way of life of the city has been changing in the process of accommodating the masses.