On November 29, 2013, the Catholic Church announced that the year 2015 would be dedicated to the consecrated life. The relevance of this celebration is owed to the fact that the consecrated life takes place in the heart of the Catholic Church as a decisive element for the mission. It is the most intimate expression of the Christian vocation, in which the consecrated are called to take, on the radicalism of their being, the same requirement that is made to all the disciples of Christ.

The term "Consecrated life" refers to a common ecclesial horizon that unites, in a complementary way, charisms and institutions: religious orders and institutes dedicated to contemplation or to apostolic works; Societies of Apostolic Life; secular institutes and other established groups; new, or renewed, forms of consecrated life; all those who hand their lives to God with a special consecration. Although it is not mandatory, some religious orders choose to take the habit as a sign of poverty, dedication and chastity.

The Community Seeds of the Word was founded on July 16, 2004. The Community gathers members of different states of life (single, consecrated, couples, families and priests) who hand their life to the service of the mission and life of the world. Being a contemplative and missionary community, the day-to-day life of its members is dedicated to personal prayer, the daily offices, the daily Eucharist and the mission. This project shows an intimate perspective on the way of life of its consecrated members in their dedication to a life of prayer and mission.